Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lone Alcohol

Partying in the Philippines
As the sun sets, work is done. Resurrecting life of the night. People gathered. Socialize. Externalize.
I sat on a bar surrounded with people. People carrying different life situations; like backpacks hoisted on their shoulders.

Nightlife in the Philippines
I met you and you sat beside me. We shared experiences. We exchanged thoughts. We laughed. We had fun.

Nightlife in the Philippines
We had a conversation.
I offered a shot of warmth from the fiery tequila. Warmness traced as the alcohol flowed from our throat.

Nightlife in the Philippines
As the conversation continues... I discovered that you're currently experiencing a cold story of pain. Silence broke from the two of us. Rebuilding our thoughts.
A single tear suddenly dropped from your eye. I looked at you.
No words was spilled from my mouth to comfort you. But my presence is enough to mend you.
There was only one glass left and I gave it to you...

Nightlife in the Philippines
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As you swallowed down to the last drop. Your vision changed. Blurred. Circling. Whirling.
Filling your world with delusions. Escaping reality.

Nightlife in the Philippines
Yes. Escaping reality. Trying to flee away from your cold story of pain through the use of lone alcohol. Heavenly isn't it? But it's only temporary.


  1. Galing ng mga kuha mo.. Kudos!

  2. well thats reality alcohol was some sort of escaping device thats release us and take us far from all the shits make us feel free even just for that moment

  3. galing ng shots. but I like the poetry feel of your words. :)

  4. ganda ng mga shots samahan pa nung poem mo. thumbs up! karelate lang ako ng kunti hihihi


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