Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful | 2012 Year End Special

picture of Filipino Living room
2012 has been a very fruitful year for me; but not in terms of travelling around the country or having more time taking photographs in the streets. It's fruitful because of the new people I met, the valuable lessons I've learned from them and the new experiences that I gained both as an oncology nurse, a believer, a colorblind and a photographer.

These things inspire me a lot in conceptualizing my photographs for the year 2012. I can say most of my photographs for this year are emotive, heartfelt and has a hidden message that you even need to open your heart just to decipher the message instilled in every photograph.

Viewing photographs is not just seeing it superficially in your own principle, but you must take time in imagining the story encrypted in every photograph.

Photography is not just about making money... It's about sending a message.

Levitation photography in the philippines

Praise and worship, victory metroeast

Zipline in Picnic grove, Tagaytay, City

Silhouette of mother and toddler

Kite flying more fun in the Philippines

kite flying in the philippines and beautiful view in Picnic grove tagaytay

Beautiful Tagaytay City

Quezon City Skyline

lonely couple nostalgic image

Quezon City Skyline facing West
Levitation photo fun nurses

Stairs pattern

Conceptual silhouette

Conceptual silhouette

beautiful blurred image

barb wire conceptual

Street sign in the Philippines

Father and son holding hands Filipino value

Floating person photography levitation

Eastwood City finest

problematic person
Makati Skyline Philippines

Makati Skyline Philippines

Makati Skyline Philippines

This 2012, we all experienced both ups and downs; and we must be thankful for it because these events happened not to pull us down but to mold us into a better person. It's like a preparation for the upcoming year of 2013.

I thank God for my family. They are so supportive in everything that I do. From my work as a nurse to my sideline as a photo hobbyist, they are always there to support me. Thank you so much!

I thank God for meeting new friends this year. They are all a blessing to me that I couldn't exchange to anything else.

I thank God for providing me the things I need in times of lack and emptiness. For He is our only unlimited source of everything. He is our provider and His grace is unending.

I know that every moment that had happened this year has a purpose and are all part of God's perfect plan. I can say that the goals that I set for this year are all met! Thank you Lord for everything!

For the year 2013... I declare prosperity, wealth and great health to all Filipino bloggers, Photobloggers, Photo hobbyists, Nurses and readers of this photography blog. If you don't know yet where to go this 2013. Just surrender everything to Him for He is the way, the truth and the life.

God bless you all this 2013!


  1. you never fail to capture great shots...

    you are right it's all about sending a message...

    for that, message sent!

    I hope to see more and I hope that one day you'll create a contest on making a post out of one of your photos...

    happy holidays...

    1. thank you so much sir, this 2013 we have some plans of creating a contest :) hope you join :) happy 2013 :)

  2. wala na ko'ng masabi sa galing at ganda ng mga shots mo! the best :D

  3. great photo set you have here. quite interesting to see photos from a color blind person. like you said 2013 is something to look forward to.

    thanks for dropping by eskapo!

  4. great set here. quite interesting to see photos from a color blind photographer. i like how each photo present life.

    thanks for dropping by eskapo!

    cheers to more photos in 2013.

  5. Happy New Year Biboy!!! Ganda talaga ng photos mo. :)

    1. salamat :) ganda rin ng mga post mo :) i've been reading it since the day I followed it ;)

  6. Photography is not just about making money... It's about sending a message.
    nakaka inspire naman to!

    happy new year parekoy

  7. You really take good photos, haist! :D

  8. Clap clap clap! ang galing mo talaga.. kaya nga idol na idol kita ehh


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